History of Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir, the Taj of India is known for its glorious history and natural beauty and it is one of best tourist place among all tourist spots of world.

King Ashok spread budhism in the 3rd century. After that Maharaj Kanishka spread its roots. In the 6th century Kashmir was owned by Hunos. Among Hindu Kings Lalitaditya became the most famous king. Muslims entered here in 13th and 14 century and for 67 years there was rule of pathans.

Dogra king Maldev won many areas of Kashmir and built a large state. Later Punjab ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh included this in his wide state.

After Indian Independence in 1947, the ruler of the princely state of Kashmir, Maharaja Hari Singh, refused to accede to either India or Pakistan. When Pakistan invaded Kashmir in the following year, the ruler of Kashmir sought help from the Indian government and agreed to place Kashmir under the dominion of India. The last emperor Maharaja Hari Singh singed an agreement on 26th October 1947 for its inclusion in the Indian Territory.

Tourism in valley declined during the late years of 1980 -1990 due to the separatist militants . Today the situation has improved with both countries agreeing to come to the negotiating table and discuss all issues with open mind thoughts.

Now the Peace started returning to this beautiful valley with thousands of tourists every season.

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