Valleys, Rivers, Climate, Waterfall, Glaciers, Passes of Jammu and Kashmir

Valleys in Jammu and Kashmir

Salt Lake valley and Puga valley

Location: Near Rupshu, Ladakh Region, J&K
Altitude: 5,000m
Salt Lake Valley Attractions: Tsokar Lake
Puga Lake Valley Attractions: Hot Water Springs

Shyok valley and indus valley

Location: Ladakh Region, J&K
Main Rivers Of The Valleys: Shyok River & Indus River

Suru Valley

Location: West Of Leh, Ladakh Region, J&K
Altitude: 3,000m
Main Occupation Of The Region: Agriculture Main Settlement: Kargil

The Nupra Valley

Location: West Of leh, Ladakh Region, J&K
Altitude: 18,640 Feet
Main Attraction: Hot Water Springs At Panamik

Rivers in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir State is well known for its charming scenerys.

There are beautiful springs, lakes, rivers and their tributaries. All these add scenic beauty to this beautiful state of India. The main rivers that flow through the Jammu and Kashmir region are :

  • Indus River
  • Chenab River
  • Galquit River
  • Jhelum River
  • Shajsqem River
  • Shikar(South) River
  • Zanskar river and Khurana River
Climate of Jammu and Kashmir

The state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) lies between 4 degrees of latitude from 32.17 to 36.58 North.

Within these 640 kms. there is a sudden rise of altitude from 305 mtrs. to 6910 mtrs. above sea level. J&K, therefore, lies between the hot plains of the Jammu province and coldest dry desert-land of Ladakh. These territories are, as such, transitional in climate.




Summer 29.5 C 10.6 C
Winter 7.3 C 1.9 C
Rainfall 52.9 cms


The seasons are marked with sudden changes and the year is divided into six seasons of two months each. From December 24 to March 8 temperature is often below zero. Strong winds blow from south and southeast.

Spring March 15 to May 15.
Summer May 15 to July 15.
Rainy Season July 15 to Sept. 15.
Autumn Sept. 15 to Nov. 15.
Winter Nov. 15 to Jan 15.
Ice Cold Jan. 15 to March 15.
Visiting Seasons: Summer & Autumn
Best Time To Visit: April To June & September To March

Waterfalls in Jammu and Kashmir

Kokernag springs

Location: 79-km From Srinagar, Kashmir
Also Known As: Papashudan Nad Or Sin-Cleansing Springs
Altitude: 20,12m
Houses: A Botanical Garden And A Rose Garden

Verinag springs

Location: Kothar District, 78-km South East Of Srinagar Via Anantnag, Kashmir
Named After: Nila Nag, Son Of Kashyap Rishi
Rebuilt In: 1620 By Emperor Jahangir


Location: Anantnag
Delighful picnic spots
Waterfall is also the starting point for intresting treks. (1 hour drive).

Glaciers in Jammu and Kashmir

Biafo Glacier

Location: Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir
Length: 60-km

Baltoro glacier

Location: Jammu & Kashmir
Length: 62-km
Significance: Second Largest Glacier In The Himalayan Region

Hispur glacier

Location: Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir
Length: 60-km
Significance: Third Largest Glacier In The Himalayan Region

Siachin glacier

Location: Near India-Tibet Border, Jammu & Kashmir
Length: 72-km
Significance: The Largest Glacier In The World Outside The Polar Regions

Nubra glacier

Location: Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir

Other Glaciers

  • Chong Kumdaan glacier
  • Gasherbrum glacier
  • Rakaposhi glacier
  • Saltoro glacier
  • Kolahoi northern glacier
  • Neh-nar Glacier

Passes in Jammu and Kashmir

Khardongha Pass

Location: Jammu & Kashmir
Altitude: 5,800m
Historical Significance: One Of The Most Important Passes In The Central Asia Trade Route.
Nearby Pass: Digar La Pass

Korakoram pass

Location: Jammu & Kashmir
Altitude: 18, 250 ft.
Significance: One Of The Highest Trade Routes In The World

Siser Le or Saser le

Location: Northern Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir
Altitude: 17, 480 ft

Tulimpati le

Location: Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir
Altitude: 2,500 Ft.
Historical Significance: One Of The Highest Trade Routes In The World For Yarkand In Central Asia.


Location: On The Srinagar-Leh Highway, Jammu & Kashmir
Altitude: 3,465m
Nearby Town: Matayan
Significance: Entry Point Of Ladakh.
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