Kashmiri Food

Kashmiri food is very rich in flavour of the spices used –cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, saffron, etc. -- Kashmiri food can be a simple meal of a family, or a 36-course wedding banquet called Wazawan.

All Kashmiri like to have rice with their meals, the most preferred being the dense, slightly sticky grained Kashmir variety.Mutton, chicken or fish are of prime importance in Kashmiri meal and everyday cooking often combines vegetable and meat in the same dish. Mutton and turnips, chicken and spinach, fish and lotus root are also very popular combinations

Kashmiri food

Region: Kashmir
Culinary Delights: Gushtaba, Roghan Josh, Tabak Maz, Rista, Yaknee, Tabak Maz, Marchwangan Kurma

Ladakhi Food

Region: Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir
Culinary Delights: Tsampa, Pava, Chalak, Khambish, Thukpa, Kothay
Local Drinks: Tea & Chang

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